9 questions about UI/UX design and what I do

So, I am an UI/UX designer and front-end developer. I know for a fact that people I hang out with, talk to and meet sometimes have no idea what I'm actually doing. Sometimes I say I'm a programmer, sometimes I say I build apps. Sometimes I say I'm a designer. Usually that satisfies people.… Read More

Jaap's Dictionary of American Slang

I'm back from New York, but in my time there I collected a lot of little snippets of text I still need or want to publish. This is a little list I collected over the first few weeks of my time in New York. This specific list consists of American Slang I have either heard… Read More

How I became the single designer on a small team

Just over a year ago I took my first steps into startup land. I was working as a receptionist at a co-working space in Amsterdam and started working in the evenings as a front-end developer for a small startup based in said co-working space. After two months of making crazy hours combining two jobs I… Read More

Beautiful websites

Over the last couple of months I have been looking at a lot of designs and websites and I created a tiny little list of websites I really really like. habitify popices hyperterm donut… Read More